Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Poem - Less One

By Gaurav Parab

Still count the next million?
Another rock, another ounce of gold,
One more deal - all closed and done,
Another man bought, one more soul sold.

Still count the next stab of light?
Another fence around the flame,
Another door nailed – shut down tight,
Another new win - the same old game.

Still count the twists in the wheel?
Another coat – more strokes of paint,
Another heart won – one less to steal,
One more devil – one less saint.

Still count the next star?
Another trophy waiting to be shined,
Another clap heard - loud afar,
One more fact learned- another unseen sign.

The moment is not far away,
One less search – you are almost found,
Another date lived, one less day,
Now its time for me to count.

How are you? Don’t think we’ve met,
I’ve been close – since you were born,
You can call me angel - the one of death,
Your count stops now, while mine goes on.


Anonymous said...

This was a lovely read.. especially the climax..

Would like to read more of your blog.. will definitely visit again :)

Tambourine Girl said...

How are you so morbid at times and incredibly funny at others? Very intriguing...

Can I blogroll you?