Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Poem - Stay In My Dreams

By Gaurav Parab

You words don’t stop, after all these years,
They hold me aloft - they sing your tune,
They hit me dead, why they whisper my fears,
Why they end my dreams –end the nights too soon?

I was nowhere,
But you were near.

I still dream the first night together,
The picture’s faded, the memory remains,
They called me no one - nothing to offer.
You called me your joy, called me your shame.

I was nowhere,
But you were near.

I gave you my smile, I gave you my soul,
You wanted my heart –nothing else,
Why you walked away into death’s empty hole?
When I gave you my heart and its emptiness?

I was nowhere,
But you were near.

Now that you are gone,
Now that you are dead,
It’s hard being alone,
Alone in our bed.

Don’t leave my dreams,
Don’t stop those words,
I still hold your hand,
As each morning appears.

I still search, I still look around,
You are not here, gone like that fateful night.
Don’t leave my dreams, my beautiful doll,
Don’t leave them now, like when you left my sight.


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Anonymous said...

its like poetry in motion,beautiful! just one complain...didn't have to mention 'dead' as somethin so obvious. Let the reader toy around with the idea...