Sunday, October 04, 2015

Tata Crucible We Meet Again

My dad would always come to Tata Crucible every time I participated. He would sit at the back and at the end of the prelims would tell how many answers he got right ( And he was as brilliant as anyone on the stage).
When I  won the Campus Edition twice at Pune with an old friend, Dad had even come to Mumbai to watch the finals from his chair at the back. Last year, I could not participate in Crucible as I was on an overseas trip during the Pune edition and I had to cut the trip short and return for he was no more.
Correction. He is always with me. Sitting there at the back.
Early this year in January, I made two promises to myself. One was around the book, and the other was winning Crucible Pune this year for him. The book came out, and in September won Crucible's Pune with a fantastic, rockstar quizzer Mehul Jain.  I had worn my dad's watch as a good luck charm ( a fastrack which I had gifted to him after winning crucibles in the past) and wrote his name at the corner of the sheet once we were on stage.
As it became clear that we were going to win (deep inside, it was evident to me before we even started) i saw him again at the back of the room and had to control myself and avoid breaking down on national television.
One of the reasons I enjoy quizzing, apart from the money it brings in, is that strange feeling one gets when the folks in the crowd encourage you. I have been fortunate enough to have a lot of friends, who even if they find quizzing boring, turn up to encourage me and enjoy the free snacks. I hope you can make it as I take another shot at the elusive National crown.  
Next Sunday, me, Mehul and my dad will be competing in the Zonal Round at  Taj Lands End in Mumbai at 4 pm. I hope to see you there. And if the right me turns up (Mehul is always fantastic) we might return for the Nationals the week after. 

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