Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To My Biggest, Most Silent, Most Brilliant Fan - Col Ullhas Parab

Like any men worth whatever true men are made of, my father and I would never directly praise each other for anything we did. Unknown to me, he kept on forwarding my blog posts and work to all his fauji friends and bored them like you can't believe it with outlandish predictions on things I would achieve in life.

And now as countless messages and anecdotes pour in, and old soldiers and friends come and tell me how absolutely magical he was at everything he did, be it being an officer, sportsman, voice of reason and a mind made of pure intellect, I can't help but tell everyone I know that he was the most brilliant man I have known.

He was, and will be the Ullhas Parab in Gaurav Ullhas Parab. He was, and he will always be what I am made of. Even if he will be a part of every single breath I will take for the rest of my days, I miss him. And so if there is an outside chance that the internet is available to whichever place the soul goes to, and if he is reading this in his baniyan and those large glasses that half covered his wise gray eyes - Baba, everything you said I would do in life will happen. Let there be no doubt.

PS- Like everyone else, Joko - your bumtan misses you. But the stupid dog is a survivor, like the rest of us and we will all be smiling like you used to smile again.

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Amanjot Kaur said...

This is beautiful! :')