Friday, August 08, 2014

That Deep Shit Inside a Dog's Head

If you have ever had a dog, then you know how it is. Those moments when he looks out of the window, or stops in the middle of the road to stare into the distance. And you are like, there must be some deep philosophical shit going on in that tiny little head.

Ever seen a dog pause while running at full steam, only to inexplicably look at a Sun Set? The fading light bouncing reluctantly off his brown eyes. And those strange times when the wild surges through his domesticated frame, making him break into the most soulful and haunting howls late at night? And you are like, there must be some deep philosophical shit going on in that tiny little head.

So here we were, my wife and I, on the bed talking about how life changes when you have a pet, and those Facebook forwards about the many lessons that dogs can teach humans without ever having a Facebook account, and how unselfish is the love they have for us, and how a lousy day changes when a dog hugs you and licks your mustache (that was me, not for my wife) and how humans are generally nasty.

Yes, we agreed. There must be some deep shit going on in those tiny little heads.

The thing with our dog Joko is that in the little planet that he has built in the aforementioned tiny head, he is my wife’s bodyguard. So, every time we speak for more than a minute, he is naturally concerned. Joko drops whatever he is doing (Except Masterchef Australia) and comes over to our room to check if my wife is alright, and if I am not being an asshole.

Here we were on the bed. Discussing the joy of having Joko in our lives. So, here came Joko, slowly at first, then rapidly like a drunk who has finally found the door to his home.  Joko staggered in, paused to look at me and my wife on the bed. And he sighed.

“You guys all right ?” he seemed to say. “Evidently you are”

Then he jumped on to the bed, looked down at us, tilted his head for a fraction of a second, and lay down with us. After licking our faces alternately, he was soon asleep and allowed us to continue our conversation.

“He must have had a bad dream” I said.

“How do you know” my wife said.

“He came over for assurance.  He licked us to thank us”

It was our turn to sigh. And my wife said that she wished there was a way to understand what goes on in Joko’s head. She quickly wiped an impulsive tear. Yes, I said. That is a question I would love to get answered before I die. Dogs, clearly are the noblest creatures in the world…and I wonder what goes on in those tiny little…

Then Joko farted and totally killed the moment.

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