Saturday, July 12, 2014

What Will You Do ?

Image Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

By Gaurav Parab

Imagine you are trying to win over a really hot number. You spend some cash to do up your home. Apply three coats of paint, throw the old sofa out, and lock up your old grandparents who insist this is not a good idea.

You break your fixed deposits, close your pension accounts, and throw a large party to be remembered for all of time. You Invite the woman and folks from all over town, Including that neighbor who you don't really like, but you have to invite to stop him from calling the police.

Its a brilliant party. You are able to hold your shit together somehow, and feel this may just work out. Just before you ask that woman out, a dude with a great jawline that you know from somewhere, slaps you around, hits you in the balls, and throws you out of your own house.

The party is over, and from outside the window you see everyone leave one by one- except the woman, that violent dude, and your unpleasant neighbor. Both the men have designs on the woman.

Brazil, who are you cheering for? Ruthless Germany or Obnoxious Argentina to win that beautiful trophy?

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