Friday, September 28, 2012

Five Days and a Thousand Nights

Image source wikimedia commons

Been a while

Since his mind put together words

To make them rhyme

With style

But there are times

In the present

When the past comes back

Like a pesky rhyme

Like a boomerang

Or a snake that coils and then

Uncoils to spit out

Words never sang

Like venom

That gives life

Or the waves of a sea

That steal your slippers away

The fire in her sighs

The bridges they built

And how the bridges burned

Collapsing like her closing eyes

How they burned like the last rites

And how they smiled at the people

In the streets below

For Five Days and a thousand nights

How can a man live through?

Five days

Yet remember a thousand nights

Doesn’t add up, does it for you?

Including the night of the pink stole

That a woman wore

And a man with a red bandana

And words that explained her soul

Every picture he never drew

Every song she sang

For someone else

Every damn woman he knew

And he still does the maths

It still adds up to five days

And strangely, a thousand nights

Like journeys on invisible paths

The women walking

The barren waste of his mind

With every sip he remembers

Their words of praise, and of mocking

But the one he got away from

That voice that makes every sip

One to forget, One to remember

How can a woman make

Five days into a thousand nights?