Saturday, March 03, 2012

The One That Got Away

She doesn’t miss his shivering hands
Running through freshly washed strands
Of her hair, and tears and those memories made
Bodies bonded while hearts betrayed

Peace at last, peace at last
Judging the future once forecast
It’s not as bad as yesterday
Even his face is blurred like overdone clay

No time to spare for his fake plastic soul
Just an one trick pony out of control
There is not much to miss him for today
He is just judgment briefly gone astray

Yet, there is a yet in her mind
As time and heart gets reassigned
She imagines a moment years from today
When everyone is older and everyone is gray

He is looking out of a window painted white
A pen to his left, a whisky to his right
Looking back on his time on earth
Of all the hearts he broke since his birth

Oh she sees that day, she prays for that day
When he thinks of her as the one that got away