Friday, September 09, 2011


She is surrounded
By family and friends
Three sighs before it ends

A brave old lady on her bed
A memory in her eye
Cancer in the head

A tear of happiness
Escapes her eyes
Over her cheeks
Around the oxygen line
Till it takes flight
And drops on the ground
Without a sound

She is happy
Everyone's  here
Everyone was always here
What else can she want?

Her mind is alert
Pain beats hurt
She smiles 
The doctors are amazed
Not yet done

And then she knows
What she wants
A smile flows
Around her lips
Over her cheeks
Into her eyes
Just a thing
But death comes
Defeats it with a word

Everyone gasps
They ask her again
What does she want?
Just a thing
Her eyes have that gleam
Please get me Pista ice cream.


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