Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gandhi, By the Bridge

Judgment passed by lesser men
I am unworthy now, I will not be worthy then
I walk with her fingers in my hand
On that bridge next to Deccan Bus Stand

She says something about the sparkling river
I am distracted by the answers I deliver
As we cross the third pillar on our right
I see an old man of around medium height

He is staring at that lone star in the sky
As she looks at me for a reply
I mumble something as we walk along
Something about that old man was wrong

I say goodbye, but she is not on my mind
I rush back to the bridge I left behind
The old man has that look in his eyes
He is sitting now, gazing at the skies

I am hesitant, since this does not happen everyday
I go up to him and speak, “Sir, is everything ok?”
He smiles and says, what is the time ?
I am relieved, and I tell him its almost nine

He clears his throat and says, I am doing great
Though I miss my mum, and her food on my plate
What happened to your mother, I ask the man
She passed away, before this century began

I never married ; she was the most precious to me
I am Gaurav Sir, my friends call me GP
He shakes my outstretched hand
An man of eighty and me by Deccan bus stand

I am sorry Sir, I never asked your name
Second name Gandhi, no other claim to fame
I smile back at his quick little joke
For the next five minutes none of us spoke

I thought something was wrong, so I stopped by
You thought this crazy old man was here to die ?
I shrug my shoulders and smile at him
You know I am a happy old man, I just look grim

I live alone by my house down that street
I keep an hour a day for me to eat
Then when the walls start closing in
I come to this bridge, and he breaks free into a grin

Don’t you have a sister or a friend somewhere?
Yes, they love me but they don’t care
They meet me every now and then
Only they know when I will see them again

Why did you stop by young GP?
I was looking for lessons Mr Gandhi
Lessons from an accountant! he shakes his head
There is a lesson in everything, his mother once said

On mothers and their sacrifices we discuss
God could not be everywhere, so he sent them to us
It has been an hour and I say I have to go
You were the first conversation in a year, you know

Thank you is all Gandhi has to say
As I am on my way
I look back and wave a quick goodbye
As a tear escapes his eye
I look up to nod at his mum in that star
I know I have to go very far

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