Saturday, May 14, 2011


Image Courtsey: Wikimedia Commons

No surprise that you stand in front of me
Green smoke floating across your face
The notches on my table read one, two, and three
And I forget what I drew them for

The times you touched my heart
The times you said it was over
Or maybe one notch for every false start
I forget what day it is today

Three times the idiot played our song?
In this empty lounge somewhere
Before you floated along
And the emptiness gasps for breath

One notch for every girl
Or one for every dozen
The smoke ready to swirl
We long stopped keeping count

Tears swell in my eyes
Yet ,I could not be happier
One day I will die a bitter man
Till then, I draw another notch

Far away this sip takes me
To places that quickly fade away
Love, lust and four notches on a table
Absinthe, I am done for the day

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Mani said...

incredible. absolutely incredible.

Is Absinthe available in India?

Whatever you are working on, best of luck with that. But dont ignore the blog. especially if you can churning out things like this absinthe

Mohit said...

Exceptional .. beautifully put together. .. take a bow GP

Anonymous said...

walk us thru more of those thoughts... beautiful poem!

Amit Bhatia said...

two thumbs up.

Nimesh said...

That is “Ghalib”ish!

Anonymous said...

ethereal rhyme GP saab