Wednesday, February 09, 2011

God in a Cocktail

Painting Copyright J. D. Harding

By Gaurav Parab

I should be attending mass
And you should observe fast
This world is a cocktailed place
Religion, borders and a dash of race

Leave Shiva alone for some time
Immersed in hymns that rhyme
Or go find a temple today
When lost, each direction is a way

Like Ram saying Amen after he prays
And Sam praying five times all days
Ben trying that book to start
While Ali learns to cross his heart

Juiced up Gods mixed in cocktails
When desperation thrives and hope fails
Accidents of birth and symbols to carry till death
The burdens of Gods in every single breath

With beliefs separated by continental drift
Values are stones designed to shift
I could pray five times a day
If no one gets to die today
I could cross my heart every second
If bombs shirk family and friends
An Aarti till my throat runs dry
If mothers run out of reasons to cry

We could drink God stirred and shaken
Or spit him out of every person

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