Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ganga, Spit Him Out

Ever seen death with a face?
The boatman sighed as he tightened my lace
Sometimes it smiles, sometimes its afraid too
Sometimes it is a friend, sometimes it is you.

As the waves slammed, my head turned back
Defenseless defenses under Ganga’s attack
As my bruised body got thrown around
My fallen ears, picked up the slightest sound

A hand appeared, where only water was
The boat felt lighter, only because
Ganga wanted him dead over alive
A river, a young man, and that reason to connive

Ever seen death with a face?
Ever seen life sink with a trace?
I saw it in his wide open eyes
Each time the river let my friend’s face rise

The shadow was now twenty meters away
His eyes whispered, what his voice failed to say
The boatman flung the rescue rope from his hand
I followed its flight, as it chose a spot to land

A loss does not need to be your win
Spit him out Ganga, don’t let him be pulled in.

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