Friday, June 04, 2010

A Giraffe, Lost For Words

By Gaurav Parab

As I turn around to say, how do I say?
Do I use the words from a student’s essay
Or the rhymes inside a dead poet’s last paragraph
Rhymes like the spots on a random word like giraffe

All I have to say, is what I said
When you turned, and looked at our bed
It is unfair to judge me only for my words
A fearless goat directing a hundred shepherds

It is wrong to say, what you never said
But thought about it anyways, in your head
What did you really get out of it?
What did you sign up for, when I quit

Whispers ringing out loud and clear
Confusion's a Soldier leading a Brigadier
My greatest gift is perhaps what I took
A brilliant page in an unremarkable book

I loved you for who you are
The melody inside a broken guitar
But when I saw you change only for me
You know me, I agreed to disagree

I changed to save you
The one I loved
For if I loved, you would change


Tarun Singh said...

Loved it ... very nice Gaurav .

Himadri said...

You say so much. And then you don't. Yes, the Giraffe,lost for words! this is beautiful.And perfect.

Its not elation that I feel but it connects. Like some unnamed thread in the the heart's fabric has been given an identity.Finally. And the beautiful part is - that the poem itself is not concrete, the identity of emotions - not disclosed. :)

Thank you, for writing and sharing.

( i know the comment probably doesn't make sense at all :)). what can i do! :) )

Gaurav Parab said...

Thanks Himadri!