Monday, November 23, 2009

Renegade Breeze

By Gaurav Parab

Things are just as they are supposed to be
Wrong words reaching the right addressee
I see her on the way to the bar a little unstable
She will be the ‘once upon a time’ in some fable

My earth shifts hesitantly for a better view
Dark fury of the world, trapped inside eyes light blue
Eyes accusing a boy somewhere of unknown sin
Clueless lime floating in the wrong glass of Gin

She breathes heavily, and looks down at her plate
Hands angrily stirring a potion of delightful hate
Then she raises her eyes for a few seconds
An earth shattering hush beckons

I raise my glass from across the room
You don’t know me, she defiantly assumes
I know you all right Sinner, as my eyes freeze
I find myself looking at the original renegade breeze


Vaibhav Mathur said...

Man!! Hats off.

First time in my life I see a mere mortal writing a Shape Poetry. And that too unlike the other well known ones whose sole purpose of writing is to create a shape, rather than mean anything through words.

BTW, I am a big fan of yours, and have taken inspiration from you to write a bit myself.

Gaurav Parab said...

Thanks Vaibhav!

This is overwhelming :)

Thanks again. Take care.

Jaya said...

Delightful poetry. ur poetry is getting more striking by the day, if that is possible.

Aarushi said...

You are dangerous. I just wish you would write more funny stuff. For your writing has the power to move no matter what it is about.
Your humor make me laugh Your article on Tendulkar made me think and your poetry makes me cry.keep writing - but more funny ok?