Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Gift

By Gaurav Parab

Legs giving in, a box in his hands
Held together by weak colored bands
It feels too small to be a book about love
Yet too big to be a golfer’s glove.

Elegantly shaped, tastefully designed
The wrapper hiding what he will soon find
Left at his door when he was away
Maybe she did not find a reason to stay
Or maybe the key to her heart stays inside
Coming out when those ribbons get untied

Maybe it is a simple memento between friends
An occasion to simply make amends
Do not open it till I am gone
You may see it an hour after dawn
 He looks at his watch and shakes his head
Maybe it’s a clock to keep besides his bed

Could it be another pint sized God?
The songs she sang inside an ipod
A little bulb to light up his dark room?
He shakes it to see if it’s a perfume

He is faithful to the promise invoked
Unlike the hundreds he unfaithfully broke
As the Sun reluctantly nods his head
He sits down to steady himself on her bed

His hands shake while his eyes are steady
Some part unwilling, some part of him ready
As the last thread untangles itself
He keeps the unopened gift back on the shelf

Every day he looks at the gift with curious surprise
As tears escape his indifferent eyes


Anonymous said...

your poem
moistened my eyes
made me aware
of the unacknowledged ties
me and someone
.. the things left
though, are only sighs
(jeez.. poor one)

Anonymous said...

Very nice Gaurav..very well put..

But I didn’t get the suspense…:(

- Pradeep Yadav

Anonymous said...

As usual, Websense Issue, Hence commenting.

It is heart rending. This situation has been beautifully crafted. Whenever I try to create a situation in something I write, there is some pretense, some prejudices which stop it from being perfect. And when I read something like this, I get to know what Straight from the heart means. Great job.

Arvind G

Anonymous said...

What a trip :)

Amit Bhatia

Anonymous said...

nice one


Anonymous said...

Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful :)


- Swarnika

Gaurav Parab said...

@ anonymous - Name please ?

@ Pradeep, Arvind, Amit, Swarnika - Thanks a ton

Anonymous said...

beautiful, very lyrical, very tragic :)


Gautam Anand said...

What I like abt ur poems is the way u build up a sitution.. and then finally .. come up with a awe inspiring ending..
great work !!

Atrisa said...

The simplicity in this one amazes me, seriously. Classic GP, kaching!

Aafi said...

Wow! Its great.. Just happened to be blog hopping. Nice work dude! U write well.

Rashmi said...

WOW! this is really nice...
First time here.


Harsh Dadhich said...

fantastically crafted...and beautifully parceled. amazing.