Thursday, December 13, 2007


By Gaurav Parab

I wonder how a blood stained old rope feels,
Every time a goat is tied to it for somebody else’s meals,
As the helpless life awaits the blow a minute away,
Is the rope tempted to save a life and give way?

I wonder what a stretched rope on a cliff thinks,
As a young climber slips, looks up, prays and blinks.
As the young man wonders how long the rope will hold,
Is the rope willing to stay together in the freezing cold?

I wonder what a rope hidden in a jungle wants,
Both ends tied to the clips of two hidden bombs.
As a whistling shepherd girl comes around the corner,
Does it want to scream out aloud and warn her?

I wonder if a rope around a beam wants to sing,
Like the necks tied to its other end shaped like a ring.
As they bring the innocent inside to hang and die,
Does the rope after that final jerk silently sigh?

I wonder if the zoo rope tied to a tiger’s neck can talk,
Every time visitors throws a stone as they walk,
Does it whisper to the proud animal as it uncoils and lashes out,
Go my friend, I will stretch as you teach them what real power is about.


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful !

From where d u get such ideas !!


Anonymous said...

Nice… although I wonder if a tiger ever has a rope around neck J…many other animals do have it like camel, monkey, cat, dog, cow, buffalo, goat/sheep…

- Yamini

revathi said...

It's very well written...reminds me of Hassan in the book The Kite Runner.....

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Shows what a poet sees and hears what ordinary mortals dont.

Anonymous said...

I bet you were a tied tiger in your past life :P this life you're free!