Friday, June 15, 2007

All At Sea

By Gaurav Parab

The things he did to catch her sight,
A bright orange shirt - black pants a little tight.
The body on the poster he tried to make his own,
The weights he lifted - the muscles that got torn.

Practiced the right expressions to make heads turn,
Smile to say hello, raise your eyebrow to show concern.
Got the whole lesson mixed up as his confidence dipped,
Raised an eyebrow to say hi, he smiled when she slipped.

Luck finally turned around and she came to him,
Asked the boy if he could teach her to swim.
He said yes, and they walked nervously to the pool.
As he drowned, she screamed Somebody please save this fool.

Years later the boy saw that confident girl again,
The same joy – and a feeling he could never explain.
He went up to her and said “Do you remember me?”
Yes, you are the boy who made me feel all at sea.


Katîb said...

Yet another amusing masterpiece. Keep them coming dude.

Anonymous said...

;) ;)



Anonymous said...

Very Very Nice Gaurav

- NH

Anonymous said...

:) based on experience?

- M

Anonymous said...

wah wah it is...he he

last line says "made me feel"......good or worse

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

:-) super talented indeed. good job!!


Anonymous said...

The more i read your blog i get convinced that a day you will be very famous.


Anonymous said...

Gaurav Parab if i didnt have a bf and u didnt have a gf then i would totally hit on you ;) now guess who am I? here's one making you feel All At Discomfort!

Anonymous said...

As always... You are just amazing writer.... I always read all your posts... I really dont have a word to describe your talent... (I dont even need to...) Are you for real??? You've got it all to be a successful and popular writer...

You yourself is God's masterpiece.

Keep writing...

God bless you!!!

- One of Your fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Gaurav ... We work with the same IT firm ... I have been following your posts on BB and did hit upon this site ... Great work ..Keep writing ...