Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Slave to a Woman's Love

Little child acting wild - ignoring all appeals to stop,
A tiny wild bull let loose in a china shop.
A warning glance from his mother- makes the bull a dove,
Always a slave to his woman’s love.

An impish young man known for his roving eye,
Says hello, only to say goodbye.
An accusing look from his sweetheart - turns soft from tough,
Always a slave to his woman’s love

An old man living by deadlines and precious hours,
Controls banks and buys shining towers,
A warm look from his daughter – tells him what he is a part of,
Always a slave to his woman’s love.


Anonymous said...

Reminded me of a beautiful Billy Joel Song:

Billy Joel – She’s always a woman to me…

- Abhishek

Anonymous said...

Congratulations – good work.

Only one question – where does find men like that….?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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mayank said...

beautiful! :)

KRR said...

hey GP.. Good one yaar..
I remember one called Devil in red..
U doing some series kind of thing kya??
keep the poems coming..

Deepa said...

Good One! Just makes you feel very special being a woman! Thanks,