Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Breakfasts with Sam

Time Travel – Part 1

By Gaurav Parab

Sam and I have different theories about time travel. At the core of all these theories, is the lurking suspicion that time does not exist. With regards to the whole time idea, we as a race may just have got it wrong for a significant period of something which does not exist.

If this suspicion is later proved to be true, a lot of people will be angry. For one, it would mean that Muhammed Ali, called by the Time magazine as the Greatest Sportsman of all time, would henceforth be called the Greatest Sportsman of all BLANK. Incidentally, the TIME magazine will hence forth be called For Distribution in the USA and Canada only. Not so incidentally- Devanand will remain evergreen, and direct a hundred thousand movies – a scary fact which has nothing to do with time travel but one which the Indian Army needs to address.

One interesting theory that Sam, an engineer by profession, offers is time travel does occur. He says, that contrary to unproven opinions offered by Physicists that we need to travel at the velocity of light to experience time travel, we actually need to slow down to such granular levels that even our heart stops beating. Which an unscientific mind often refers to as the state of death.

So, he bravely suggests that time travel happens when we die. Which, fits in rather nicely with what the Egyptians did for about a thousand years. I off course refer to the Egyptian habit of burying their dead with ships full of booty, gold, food and queens for the after life. Maybe they knew about time travel all the time. Maybe the Egyptians had got it right then, and we forced them, under the hype created by new scientific buzzwords like ‘Are you kidding me?’ and ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’ – embarrassed them to the point of stopping otherwise sound practices. Which brings me to an interesting hypothetical question, first raised by Einstein- “When is the compensation review letter coming?”

Would like to acknowledge Sam’s contribution to this series and to my breakfast bills.

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Anu said...

that crucial question raised by einstein probably answered by, practically no brave human. :-)
what about that theory that says time is like fabric..stretched in space.. makes you wonder of the inevitable tear (as in torn) that is to come, with all the world swishing on this fabric..